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Is it me, or is this one of those things we should all do for the safety of others? I am all for citizen's rights; I am not a fan of the Governor; however, I support this executive order 100%. Wearing a mask is about ME doing my DUTY to protect OTHERS and slow the spread of this virus until we can develop a vaccination and get back to some kind of normal. And I want to get back to normal ASAP. I miss SPORTS!!! High School, College, Professional, I want baseball, football, volleyball, I want my sports

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The United States has a new citizen today!

New Citizen Face Mask

At this moment my beautiful and wonderful wife is being sworn in as a U.S. Citizen!!! After 20 years with me and three kids, she earned it. Welcome aboard my love!!! (FYI because of COVID we are not allowed at her ceremony, however, tomorrow at 4 PM we are having a little party for her)

Our Trip to the Georgetown Railroad

All Aboard Last weekend we had a family day out and made a visit to the Georgetown Loop Railroad. With Abo up from Brazil visiting it was a perfect opportunity to treat ourselves to the beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery. The Georgetown Loop Railroad is a 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge United States heritage railroad located in the Rocky Mountains in Clear Creek County, adjacent to Interstate 70 in Colorado. This tourist train runs between the communities of Georgetown and

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Up Go the Lights

We were blessed with some nice weather on Saturday, as well as some free time, so the boys and I took a couple of hours to put up the outside Christmas lights. Nothing over the top, but enough to say Merry Christmas to our neighborhood.

The week we taught Miss P to walk on a leash.

This week was interesting, you see last week I decided that our lovely house cat Miss P needed some outdoor action.  However we couldn't just let her out, we have a busy road nearby and we have already lost one cat (R.I.P. Koby Kat) so we needed an idea. People walk dogs an leashes, why cant we walk cats?  Why not lets give it a try.  I popped over to Amazon and found several pages of cat leashes.  YAHOO!   The

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A Valentine’s Day Birthday

My son Brandon has the distinction of being born on Valentine's Day.  A day of love and romance.  However back on this day in 2003, my lovely wife was working hard to push this little guy out. [caption id="attachment_229" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Celebrating 14 years on Valentine's Day[/caption]   However, somehow my lovely wife Pamela loses out on her Valentine's because we are always celebrating Brandon's birthday.  Every year she forgoes the romance of dinners diamonds and luxury getaways to ensure

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King of the Hill

Danny Brewington, sledding

January brings with it snow here in Colorado; this kind of weather is to be expected in January.  This morning we woke to a fresh coat of soft snow.  After a quick clean of our driveway and sidewalks, the boys and I decided to hit the big hill next to the middle school. To our surprise, we were the first to hit the hill.  The Brewington Boys will be the first, kings of the hill, trailblazers making the first grooves in the freshly fallen

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A Day In School

This week I decided to write about a day in my life. In my opinion, school is boring, but it will help you improve your life in the long run. On Tuesday, I had a science test about chemical changes. I missed only one questions, so I got a 96. After science, I had Intro to Robotics, where I get to mess around and have fun with my friends. An hour and a half later, I headed toward the Mac

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